"Throughout Production Stefanie carried out her Design work with precision & professionalism. Her skill and broad knowledge of her craft ensures the highest attention to detail. I was particularly impressed by Stefanie's management of characters given the demands of our Production. Her manner towards cast, crew & her team are testament to her friendly and positive attitude; most of all, working with Stefanie is a true pleasure. I would not hesitate to recommend Stefanie, the scope of her abilities will naturally pave her way to an ever-growing successful career."

Melissa Spillard

Producer & Writer

"Stefanie took on our tricky commission with confidence and professionalism, working to a tight budget and deadline.. To create a shaved head effect using a bald cap and flocking was amazing, I couldnt have been happier with the results!  But more importantly, her work was faultless! I would hire her again in a heartbeat"

Cassie Powney

Beauty Editor Cosmopolitan Magazine

“Stefanie was recommended to me by another Make up Artist friend, of whom I feel I owe a lot! Stefanie is one of the most hard working make-up artists I have ever had the pleasure of working with and in many ways her determination and hunger reminds me of my own when I started out. She is confident and just gets on with the job. Stefanie turns up on time (often early) and works to the highest of her ability until we hear “That’s a wrap”! She is confident in both hairstyling as well as make-up and also nails, which makes her invaluable. And on top of that she gets on with everyone. She’s a great addition to any team! Stef’s motivation and determination will lead her to be highly successful I'm sure.”

Laura Tucker

Make up Artist